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Did you know that over the past 150 years, not one Swiss life insurance company has failed? Compare this fact with other countries in the world, like the US & Canada, where hundreds of companies and financial institutions have failed resulting in severe losses to many investors. Today, more and more North Americans are looking for access to global investments and offshore solutions to preserve their wealth in these uncertain times. But for several decades now, informed investors have discovered the advantages of a Swiss-based plan for some of their offshore investments.  They have recognized that the world’s financial system and fiat currency model entails flaws that require precautionary measures.


Despite current economic uncertainty, Swiss-based solutions remain as one of the best wealth preservation & asset protection vehicles available.  In the wide spectrum of global investments available, ONE Trust and allocated precious metals acquisitions are unique.


Switzerland is known for its stability, safety, solid rule of law and superior service quality.  In view of current global, economic and political uncertainties, we are convinced that Switzerland is the jurisdiction that most properly safeguards your investments and protects your interests.


The Swiss Advantage™ has been recommending Swiss solutions to satisfied investors for over 30 years. We have found them to be safe, convenient and one of the easier methods of moving and preserving offshore investments. Let us show you how simple and safe it is to diversify and invest some of your assets offshore and benefit from The Swiss Advantage™.



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