What is The Swiss Advantage™?

The Swiss Advantage™ is a Canadian company that specializes in securing and simplifying offshore investments in Switzerland, amongst other countries, for North American clients. By investing in a Swiss-based plan, you will have many advantages; diversification, security, conservation of wealth and privacy. Many of these advantages are unique and not found in Canadian or American plans.


How Can The Swiss Advantage™  Help Me?

We can offer free information and referrals to investors who may be interested in using ONE Trust & Precious Metals solutions as part of their financial planning. The Swiss Advantage™ is not an official representative or agent for any Swiss life insurance company or investment counselor.  There is no charge for our services or materials and they are free of any expenses.  We receive a small compensation from the brokers that work with the insurance companies similar to a travel agent.  The insurance companies prefer to deal through the Swiss brokers we refer you to, for language and service requirement reasons.  Please be assured that all information you provide us with is treated with the strictest and utmost confidentiality.


We help you find the annuities, insurance-based investments, precious metals acquisition, or savings plan that is most suitable to you. Then, we refer you to various Swiss brokers and life insurance companies through the appropriate channels. Once you have been referred, you may legally and confidentially deal directly with your referred broker or company.


We have served investors with intuitive financial services for over 50 years. We know The Swiss Advantage™ will help you too!


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The Swiss Advantage