Annuities and Private Placement Life Insurance

For several decades, knowledgeable investors have been discovering the advantages of using Switzerland for some of their offshore investing needs.  By investing in a Swiss-based plan you will have many advantages: diversification (jurisdictional and investment-wise), security, preservation of wealth, asset protection, privacy, flexibility, etc. Many of these advantages are unique and not found in North American annuities and other insurance-based investments. Unlike their North American counterparts, the annuities offered through Switzerland and other offshore jurisdictions for that matter may be cancelled for the cash values at any time, even after the commencement of the annuity payments! This flexibility is extremely desirable when planning suddenly changes. 


What are the Features that Make Swiss-based Annuities and other Private Placement Life Insurance an Attractive & Alternative Investment?

  • ​​Asset protection

  • Safe structuring

  • Legal and compliant

  • Solid partners

  • No surrender penalties

  • Liquid at any time

  • Partial and full surrenders

  • Fixed-term or life annuities

  • Direct beneficiaries

  • Possible tax advantages

  • Joint owners/insureds

  • Access to international investments

  • Currencies, metals, international securities

  • Global diversification

  • Non-US institutions

  • Compliance to home rules

Who Buys Swiss Annuities and other insurance-based investments?

  • Investors who want global investment diversification.

  • Anyone with capital they want to protect and preserve.

  • Investors concerned about privacy and seeking a safe haven for their wealth.

  • Persons in litigious professions seeking asset protection.

  • Anyone who would like to add gold and precious metals to their portfolio.

  • Anyone who is looking for a simple way to invest offshore.

  • Investors who are unhappy with the returns on their term deposits, GICs, savings bonds, etc., after taxes and inflation.

  • Wealthy individuals who may be a target for frivolous lawsuits.

  • Investors who are concerned about the present unpredictable and volatile markets.


Why choose Swiss Annuities from The Swiss Advantage™?

The Swiss Advantage™ is a leading expert in offshore annuities and life insurance. With initially 50+ years experience in Canadian annuities, and now over three decades of direct experience with Swiss annuities, international Private Placement Life insurance, and precious metals, you can put your trust in The Swiss Advantage™.


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